CFH CoC Policies and Forms

CoC Written Policies and Standards

CFHCoC Project-specific Forms

PSH Rental Assistance Agreement- Required for all Scatter-site project files to document conditions for TBRA payments.

PSH Participant Rental Assistance Agreement - Required for all Scattered-site project files to document Participant's notification and agreement to the program requirements.

Proposed Rental Unit Information - Required to show basis for affordability determination.

PSH TBRA Rental Assistance Calculation Form - Utilities paid by tenant and appliances supplied by tenant must be considered.

Unit Inspection Long Form - Required to show HQS compliance. Units must be inspected at move-in and annually.

Unit Inspection Short Form - May be used by experienced inspectors.

Sample Project Operations Manual - This copy of the CFCOG's PSH Project Operations Manual is provided as an example for scattered site PSH programs.  All PSH projects must have a clearly documented operations manual that describes how the specific project will operate.

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Rental Assistance Agreement

Proposed Rental Unit Information

NC HMIS Information Notice - Sharing Plan and Consent Form

This web form is a web-based version of our Information Sharing Consent form. The form confirms consent given by people experiencing homelessness to allow their data to be shared in a protected database that is accessible only to licensed, authorized users.   All information collected is owned by the individual/family and is used for the purpose of providing the person or family needed services.

CFHCoC Membership Forms

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Membership Form: Agencies and Individuals wishing to be recognized as members must complete the form. All CoC members must update it annually or as contacts change.

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy FormRequired of all membersAgencies be advised that when your leadership signs the form, it extends its applicability to all employees, volunteers and contractors. Agencies are responsible for the conduct of their staff, volunteers and contractors.

Personal Information Privacy Policy Certification: All members must commit to information privacy for those involved in the CoC community.