CFWDB Policies, Procedures, & Forms Library

The following documents are approved for use by contractors receiving WIOA Title I funds through the CFWDB.


Form Number Title
F-WDB-003-2022 WIOA Program Participant Rights, Benefits, and Complaint Procedures
P-WDB-001-2022 Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Policy of the Cape Fear Workforce Development Board
P-WDB-002-2022 Priority of Service for Adults
P-WDB-003-2022 Conflict of Interest Policy
P-WDB-004-2022 Subsidized Internship/Work Experience Policy
P-WDB-005-2022 Cape Fear Workforce Development Consortium WIOA On-the-Job Training Policy
P-WDB-006-2022 Supportive Services
P-WDB-007-2018 Individual Training Account Policy
P-WDB-008-2018 Electronic File Storage, Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Scanning and Redaction
P-WDB-009-2018 Self-Attestation
P-WDB-010-2018 Incumbent Worker Training
P-WDB-011-2022 Financial Management Policy
P-WDB-012-2022 Oversight Monitoring Policy
P-WDB-013-2022 Purchase and Procurement Policy
P-WDB-014-2018 Policy on Notification of Civil Rights and Grievance and Complaint Procedures WIOA rev 9.2018
P-WDB-015-2018 Supportive Services - FLG
P-WDB-016-2019 Sampling Policy
P-WDB-017-2021 ETPL Policy
P-WDB-018-2019 Exit Policy
P-WDB-019 -2021  Local Area’s Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Youth Incentive Policy
P-WDB-020-2022 Subrecipient Financial Invoicing
P-WDB-021-2022 Profit Calculator Policy