Staff Directory

Name  Title  E-mail Ext. Direct Line
Allen Serkin Executive Director [email protected] 206 910-274-0341
April Radford Clerk to the Board/Office Manager [email protected]  201 NA
Dawn Tucker Finance Officer
[email protected] 207 910-274-0342
Bet Preslar
Fiscal Support Technician [email protected] 224 NA
Area Agency on Aging
Holly Pilson Area Agency on Aging Director [email protected]  204 910-274-0339
Abrielle LeBlanc Aging Compliance Specialist [email protected]  205 910-274-0340
Madison Bryant Aging Program Coordinator [email protected] 212 910-274-0346
Caylee Weaver Aging Specialist [email protected] 211 910-274-0345
Dana Bentley Project C.A.R.E Family Consultant [email protected] NA 910-408-6365
Kandace Gray
Family Caregiver Specialist [email protected] 208 910-274-0343
Holli Blackwelder Regional Long Term Care Ombudsman [email protected]  221 910-274-0350
Jeff Brunsink
Regional Long Term Care Ombudsman [email protected]  209 910-274-0344
Homeless Services
Andrea Stough Homeless Service Director [email protected] 202 910-523-9115
Joe Byrnes Homeless Services Assistant [email protected] NA 910-279-8609
Doretta Brice Homeless Coordinated Entry Program Assistant
[email protected]  NA 910-444-8315
Jennifer Griffin Homeless Coordinated Entry Assessor [email protected] NA 910-279-8608
Salysia Martelle Homeless Coordinated Entry Assessor [email protected] NA 910-279-8608
Local Government Services
Wes MacLeod Local Government Services Director [email protected] 223 910-274-0352
Sam Boswell Regional Planner/RPO Director [email protected] 214 910-746-8758
Ron Satterfield Senior Planner
[email protected] 910-380-4010
Karen Schraml Project Manager [email protected]  NA 910-380-0676
Workforce Development
Ginger Brick Workforce Development Director [email protected] 213 910-470-7911
Brian Jackson (Annex) Workforce Development Deputy Director [email protected] NA 910-465-7813
Ursula Harris (Annex) Workforce Development Coordinator [email protected]  219 910-202-4646
Lashauna Parker (Annex) Workforce Development Program Manager [email protected]  210 910-274-0354
Tony Caggiano (Annex) Business Services [email protected]  NA 910-465-7813
Rosemary Guendner (Annex) Business Engagement Manager [email protected] NA