About Local Government Services

As the extension of our 44 municipal and county governments, the CFCOG provides a comprehensive menu of Local Government Services customized to the unique communities we serve. We provide member governments with a wide variety of services in four broad categories: Management, Planning, Transportation, and Data & Mapping. The department provides knowledge, experience, and manpower to supplement and extend the abilities of member government staff to meet the man needs of local government.

Management Services

Includes a number of products including personnel and pay studies, codes of ordinances, human resources and financial consulting, strategic plans, infrastructure asset management planning, grant writing and administration, and professional facilitation, governing board retreats, and training for staff and elected and appointed boards.

Planning Services

Includes long-range planning activities such as comprehensive plans, land use plans (including CAMA land use plans), hazard mitigation plans, park and recreation master plans, small area plans, and special studies; current planning activities such as development review, development regulations, zoning administration and part-time and interim staffing; and facilitation of regional initiatives.

Transportation Services

Includes staffing and administration of theĀ Cape Fear Rural Transportation Planning Organization (RPO), which provides transportation planning and advocacy for our non-metropolitan areas, as well as special transportation studies like corridor plans, bicycle and pedestrian plans, and parking and sidewalk inventories.

Mapping, Design and Data Services

Includes GIS mapping and spatial data analysis; GPS data collection and infrastructure mapping; 2- and 3-dimensional renderings, visualizations, and other conceptual designs; and data access and management consulting. In addition we develop and maintain several spatial databases of local facilities like sidewalks and parks, and we serve as the regional State Data Center Affiliate, providing access to statewide datasets and performing services related to the decennial Census.

Wes MacLeod

Local Government Services Director
(910)-395-4553 Ext. 223

[email protected]