Tri-HIC Member & Community Resource Information

Continuum of Care Membership Requirements

If you would like to become a member of NC-506, the Homeless Continuum of Care for the City of Wilmington, New Hanover, Brunswick & Pender Counties, also known as the Tri-County Homeless Interagency Council or "Tri-HIC", please fill out our Tri-HIC Membership Form, Personal Information Privacy Policy and the Code of Conduct Form.

Members, both agencies and individuals, are responsible for keeping their contact information up-to-date, attending meetings regularly, and collaborating with partners for the good of our community.  ALL member voices are valuable and community members who have lived experienced (currently homeless or previously so) are encouraged to participate.

Area agencies who wish to seek funding through CoC related grants musts be Tri-HIC members and must attend at least 75% of Tri-HIC meetings to meet basic eligibility requirements.

Currently, Membership is free!

Send completed forms to

Tri-HIC Member Agencies

Find a list of our current member agencies below.

Please note that with the exception of Emergency Shelter Services, members of our community who are experiencing homelessness should contact our Coordinated Entry Staff to speak with someone about housing related services. Please call 910.444.0621 for a needs assessment.

If you need emergency shelter, you can contact the area shelters directly, then contact our staff for Coordinated Entry staff for a needs assessment and assistance.

This list is under construction

Other Area Resources by County

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