CF Homeless CoC Leadership & Sub-Committees

Continuum of Care Board Members

Anne Best, Family Promise, Executive Director
Dawn Ferrer, A Safe Place, Program Director
Kyle Abrams, Good Shepherd Center, Assistant Director
Leslie Smiley, Cape Fear Health Net, Executive Director
Meg McBride, Hope Recovery Community Church, Pastor
Michele Bennett, Novant Health, Manager of Community Engagement
Drew Huver, Physicians Alliance for Mental Health, Practice Manager
Tommy Taylor, United Way, CEO
Cecelia Peers, Trillium, Southern Regional Manager
Jessica Biel, Pender County Schools, McKinney-Vento Program Coordinator
Andrea Stough, Domestic Violence Shelter and Services Inc, Executive Director
LaCretia Keith, NHC Public Library, Library Social Work Program Manager
Laura Bullock, Vigilant Hope, Operations Coordinator
Marimer McKenzie, NHC Office of Diversity and Equity, Diversity and Equity Outreach Coordinator

Permanent Board Seats:
In July 2021, the CoC Board voted to amend the by-laws of the organization to create permanent representation on the Board for the Counties served by the CoC as well as the City of Wilmington. These local government entities are financial supporters of the CoC and its activities as well as partners in serving the homeless population in our region.  After July 2021, vacancies in these permanent Board Seats are to be filled by Representatives appointed by the Leadership of corresponding local government entity.

New Hanover County - Tufanna Bradley, Assistant County Manager of Human Services
City of Wilmington - Thom Moton, Jr., Deputy City Manager
Brunswick County - David Stanley, Deputy County Manager, Director of Health and Human Services

Lived Experience Board Member:
The CoC is currently seeking person to serve in this role.  A person with lived experience is a valuable member of the CoC Board and helps inform the decisions the CoC Board makes with real world knowledge. This person who fills this role will have experienced homelessness in the last 5 to 7 years.

This information will remain available for review through June 2022, after which the information will be archived.

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December 9th, 2021 8:45 am Special Mtg  

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