Opening of Public Comment Period for Preliminary Point Assignments under Prioritization 3.0

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WILMINGTON — The Cape Fear Rural Planning Organization (CFRPO) is seeking input from citizens in rural Brunswick, Columbus and Pender Counties on its preliminary point allocations for transportation projects competing for state funding in NCDOT’s Prioritization 3.0 Process (P3.0).

The CFRPO was established in 2001 by the General Assembly to improve the transportation planning process by soliciting input from elected officials and local government planners in the rural areas of our region. The CFRPO is working with area elected officials to ensure local priorities are considered in the allocation of points toward transportation projects within the RPO; these preliminary point allocations, project descriptions and a map of those projects can be accessed at the CFRPO Website (

CFRPO Staff is accepting public comment and questions in person at our meetings on August 6th and 12th meetings, or in absentia via phone, mail, e-mail and our blog through the end of the RTAC meeting on August 12th. Meeting times and locations can be found at the CFRPO website (

The projects included in the Prioritization Process can be large (new roadways) or small (intersection improvements), and include aviation, bicycle, ferry, pedestrian, rail, roadway and transit improvements. Inclusion on this list should not be taken as an indication that any particular project will be constructed, but simply that it has been identified as a need and will be eligible to compete for funding. For an overview on the P3.0 process, we encourage you to review the NCDOT website ( and this presentation (

The CFRPO conducts meetings in wheelchair accessible facilities, and will provide the hearing impaired with auxiliary aids or services by request with at least 7 days prior notice.

Anyone with questions or comments can contact CFRPO staff members Allen Serkin or James Burke as follows:



Cape Fear RPO
1480 Harbour Drive
Wilmington, NC 28401-7776


Allen Serkin:
James Burke:

(910) 395-4553
(910) 395-2684

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