Town of Watha

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425 Watha Road

Watha, NC 28478-8235

910-552-6013 • 910-552-6014 (F)

Business Hours: No full-time staff, for questions please call

Mayor Needham Hall at 910-520-5677 or

Retha Garris, Town Clerk at 910-289-0953

Mayor Needham C. Hall

(CFCOG Delegate)

Term expires December 2021

1059 Camp Kirkwood Road

Watha, NC 28478-8231

910-520-5677 (M)

[email protected]

Mayor Pro-Tem Kenneth Fountain

Term expires December 2021

403 North Watha Road

Watha, NC 28478-8235

910-284-2910 (H)

[email protected]

Councilman Joseph Craig

Term expires December 2021

142 Van Eden Road

Watha, NC 28478-8346

910-520-2329 (M)

Councilman Samuel Stadsvold

Term expires December 2021

465 Camp Kirkwood Road

Willard, NC 28478-9606

910-232-9552 (M)

[email protected]


Town Clerk, Retha C. Garris

50 Arthur Garris Road

Watha, NC 28478-9600


Attorney, Robert C. Kenan, Jr.

211 East Fremont Street

P.O. Box 957

Burgaw, NC 28425-0957

910-259-9800 • 910-259-7006 (F)


Building Inspector, William G. Rivenbark

P.O. Box 1284

Burgaw, NC 28425-1284

910-602-2173 • 910-259-5602


Finance Officer, Holly Horton

6614 US Highway 117 North

Burgaw, NC 28425-8414



Council meets the 1st Monday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Watha Town Hall. Unless Holiday then meeting will be 2nd Monday.

Mayor serves 4-year term; Council members serve 4-year term and Mayor Pro-Tem is appointed each year.