Town of Varnamtown

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100 Varnamtown Road

Supply, NC 28462-6010

910-842-3095 • 910-846-3353 (F)

Business Hours: Wednesday 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Mayor William Kirby

(CFCOG Delegate)

Term expires December 2021

315 Varnamtown Road

Supply, NC 28462-6007

910-231-1354 (H)

Mayor Pro-Tem George Ennis Swain

Term expires December 2021

210 Varnamtown Road, Southwest

Supply, NC 28462-6008

910-842-6217 (H)

Alderman John David Dawson, III

Term expires December 2023

3225 Gal-Var Road, Southwest

Supply, NC 28462-2130

910-842-5097 (H)

Alderman Chris Lancaster

Term expires December 2023

467 Varnamtown Road, Southwest

Supply, NC 28462-6019

910-712-0863 (M)

Alderwoman Sylvia P. Galloway

Term expires December 2023

60 Trawler Drive, Southwest

Supply, NC 28462-2780

910-520-2481 (M)

Alderwoman Ada McDonald

Term expires December 2021

500 Varnamtown Road, Southwest

Supply, NC 28462-6020

910-842-6832 (H)


Town Clerk, Cassandra “Sandi” Parrish

910-842-3095 •

Budget Director, Sylvia Galloway

910-520-2481 (M) •

Building/Home Inspector, Eddie Van Vliet

919-539-9041 (M)

Building/Home Inspector, Mark Varnum

910-520-3357 (M)


Finance Officer, Cassandra “Sandi” Parrish

910-842-3095 •

Planning Director, Ada McDonald


Public Information Officer, Cassandra “Sandi” Parrish

910-842-3095 •


Aldermen meet the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Town Hall.

Mayor serves 2-year term; Aldermen serve 4-year term and Mayor Pro-Tem is appointed every 4-years.