Career Centers

Cape Fear Workforce Career Center

Career Centers provide employment, education, and training services under a single “One-Stop” delivery system. Career Centers are designed to provide individuals with the resources and assistance needed to make good decisions about their career training and employment needs. The four key principles for all Career Centers are:

  • Universality
  • Customer choice
  • Integration of services, and
  • Outcome based measures

The advantages of the Career Centers are… a single place to address employment and training needs… local workforce development professionals from various partner agencies working together to provide the best possible service…a more convenient, efficient, and effective way for all North Carolinians to look for a new or better job…and a place where customers are the first priority.

Career Centers offer comprehensive training and employment services to the community. To the employer, the Career Center offers the opportunity to recruit qualified workers at one location. Employer benefits include recruitment assistance, team approach to filling job orders, a clearinghouse for training information including apprenticeship programs, customized training, upgrade training, and workplace literacy, tax credit information and hiring incentives, unemployment insurance information, labor market information services, and rapid response information in cases of plant layoffs or plant closures.

The Career Center provides job seekers a single place to address their employment and training needs. Job seekers’ services include assessment, career information/development, job search training, resume preparation, interview preparation, job application assistance, job placement services for persons with disabilities, supportive services, information and referrals, school-to-work connections, unemployment insurance information, financial eligibility/sponsorship determination, labor market information, and occupational/literacy training. Services are provided through a wide range of service options from self-service to full-service.

The Career Centers are also responsible for coordinating visits to business and industry that have announced plant closures or significant personnel layoffs (Rapid Response). In cooperation with the local office of the Division of Workforce Services and other Career Center partners, Career Center staff organizes a Rapid Response visit to inform plant management of the various opportunities for displaced workers. The Rapid Response visit also provides an opportunity for agency personnel to schedule with plant management convenient times to return to talk with affected workers about available program opportunities.

There are five Career Centers in the Cape Fear Local Area: