Executive Committee


Trent Burroughs (D)


Commissioner (Chair), Columbus County

Phone: (910) 653-2928 (W) (910) 640-8180 (C)

Email: [email protected]

Brown, Jr., Chairman George

George R. Brown, Jr. (R)

CFCOG Vice-Chairman

Commissioner (Chair), Pender County

Phone: (910) 675-8653 (H) (910) 512-2732 (C)

Email: [email protected]


Charles "Charlie" Rivenbark (D)

CFCOG Secretary / Treasurer

Councilman, City of Wilmington

Phone: (910) 332-1643 (W) (910) 200-5244 (C)

Email: [email protected]


Jonathan Barfield, Jr. (D)

CFCOG Finance Committee

Commissioner (Chair), New Hanover County

Phone: (910) 233-8780 (M)

Email: [email protected]

Teresa Batts (R)

Councilwoman, Town of Surf City

Phone: (910) 620-0530 (M)

Email: [email protected]

Jan Dawson

Janet "Jan" Dawson (R)

Commissioner, Town of Burgaw

Phone: (910) 259-3149 (H)

Email: [email protected]

Walt Eccard 2018

Walter "Walt" Eccard (U)

Mayor, Town of Shallotte

Phone: (910) 880-0319 (C) (910) 755-7582 (H)

Email: [email protected]

Brunswick County Commissioner Mike Forte

Mike Forte (R)

Commissioner, Brunswick County

Phone: (910) 253-2017 (O) (973) 931-0144 (H)

Email: [email protected]

Grate, Mayor Pro-Tem Lamont

Lamont Grate (D)

Mayor Pro-Tem, Town of Tabor City

Phone: (910) 653-6827 (H) (910) 625-7966 (C)

Email: [email protected]