CoC Program Funding Goals

Provide adequate funding for programs that are effective in ending homelessness and preventing it from recurring.

Encourage reduction in barriers to services and housing, including prioritization of those who are the most vulnerable and lease likely to access services.

Serve populations with specific needs and increased barriers to housing including: veterans, chronically homeless, youth and families, and victims of domestic violence.

Create cost-effective interventions that seek to enhance system-wide performance by reducing the length of time homeless, increase income and benefits, increase housing placement and retention, and leverage community resources and funding.

HUD Continuum of Care Competition

Each year, HUD announces their Notice of Funding Availability for the Continuum of Care grant competition. The CoC Grant is a nationally competitive process, funding designated homeless continuums of care for Transitional Housing, Permanent Supportive Housing, Rapid Re-Housing, HMIS, Coordinated Entry, and CoC Planning activities. The Continuum of Care is responsible for review of all new and renewal project applications and scoring them according to performance and alignment with community priorities and HUD goals .

Organizations interested in applying for new Continuum of Care funds must have attended a minimum of 75% of Tri-HIC meetings during the last calendar year and 75% of CoC Grant Committee meetings for the previous competition cycle. Please direct any questions to Cecelia Peers, Continuum of Care Administrator.

The HUD CoC Notice of Funding Availability for FY 2018 has been released. Click on NOFA to read it. A brief summary of changes can be downloaded here: NOFA changes and highlights

The Tri-HIC CoC Grant Committee will meet at the following dates and times and the meetings are open to anyone who is interested in joining:

July 10th 10AM @ First Fruit Ministries, 2750 Vance St. Wilmington

July 19th 10 AM @ First Fruit Ministries

July 31st 10 AM @ First Fruit Ministries

August 16th 10AM @ Cape Fear COG 1480 Harbour Dr. Wilmington

August 28th 10AM @ Cape Fear COG

September 13th 10AM @ Cape Fear COG

Complete hard copy of New and Renewal applications will be due to Cecelia Peers, CoC Administrator, by August 3rd 4PM at the Cape Fear Council of Governments offices. Any applications received after that date and time or that are not complete as per scorecard requirements will not be accepted and will not be ranked. The project application scorecard approved by the Tri-HIC Ranking Committee can be found here: Tri-HIC 2018 Scorecard. The Tri-HIC Rating, Ranking and Reallocation Plan can be viewed here: Tri-HIC FY18 Rating Ranking Reallocation Plan

In the FY 2017 Competition, the Tri-HIC CoC applied for $718,850 in funds based on the HUD Annual Renewal Demand and, plus an additional $42,054 in bonus funds that are awarded based on overall CoC Collaborative Application Score in addition to project type and housing first priorities, and $21,027 for CoC Planning. Programs are evaluated using a CoC approved scoring process.

The CoC was awarded 8 of the 10 renewal grants and the bonus project in the 2017 funding cycle. Click on the link to view the NC award list.

You can view the FY17 NOFA here: FY-2017-CoC-Program-Competition-NOFA